10 Reasons Why PHP Development Rocks
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10 Reasons Why PHP Development Rocks

What is PHP development?

PHP (Hypertext preprocessor development) is one of the oldest and most reliable programming languages. It is always used for website, web application development. In general, this server-side scripting language is designed to create dynamic pages and applications.
Rasmus Lerdorf created it in 1994, and until now it remains to be one of the most popular tools.

Every time you are looking for web development, you are thinking about what language to choose to make all processes go smoothly and your products to be stable and enjoyable? That’s what PHP development stands for. 

Of course, there are many options, but some things should remain the same.

Still, considering? Let us give you 10 reasons to choose PHP development for your web applications. 

Why use PHP development?

  1. 1. PHP is free

PHP is available online for free. It is accepted worldwide so you can use it on all website development and design tasks.
PHP language is an open-source one, that means that anyone can use it free of cost. And the budget is one of the most important things when it comes to development. And it’s good when you can move it to the design or something else.

  1. 2. PHP is cross-platform

PHP is compatible with all the major platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix etc.
So you do not have to worry about what platforms do your clients use — php makes a perfect fit with all of them.

  1. 3. PHP is easy to scale

It’s the primary goal of all the businesses — to make it go viral. If that happens, you need to change and scale as soon as possible. PHP was created entirely for scaling. It is quite quickly due to its shared-nothing architecture.  

  1. 4. PHP is user-Friendly 

PHP is the most straightforward language, but along with it is more user-friendly, it can be easily understood, and its interface is easy enough that a layman can easily use the website developed in PHP.

  1. 5. PHP is well-supported

As we all know that PHP is widely used all over the world by millions of developers, there are tons of blogs with useful materials. Better supported language = faster problem-solving. Sounds great, huh?

  1. 6. PHP is fast

PHP has its own memory space which results in faster processing speed. The processing speed is fast, and web applications like e-commerce, CRM, CMS, and Forums are also developed faster by it. It is the central importance of using PHP language in web development.

  1. 7. PHP integrates with everything

PHP has a straightforward way of integrations with a massive amount of third-party services. So of them are native, and others are php-based. That’s not a surprise —PHP powers a third of the web and is used by banks, transportation, governments with tons of business-critical applications. 

  1. 8. PHP is compatible with web servers

PHP is a great language which is compatible with all the primary web servers like Apache, Microsoft IIS, Netscape, personal web server, iPlanet server, etc. As the PHP is compatible with leading databases, major operating systems, and all the primary web servers, it can be deployed on different platforms.

  1. 9. When it fails, it doesn’t fail hard 

Granted, you can fail spectacularly with PHP, but it probably won’t be PHP’s fault. Because PHP cleans up and starts over for each request, one request will not corrupt another. Other languages need a lot of plumbing to handle that. PHP does it by default.

  1. 10. It Just Works

PHP is an excellent choice for web development. It solves issues easy and fast. It is user-friendly, cross-platform and easy to learn. How many more reasons do you need to try PHP on your website? 


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