Software Solution for Monetization Partnership with Social Media Influencers
Business Domains:
Key technologies:
React.js, Docker, Symfony, PHP 7
Business Challenge
Flyshot is a Canadian startup in the advertising sphere. Its main product is a monetization software driving mobile in-app purchases via collaboration with bloggers and their sophisticated visual content.

The company was in need to create a solution allowing companies to cooperate with bloggers in their in-app promotion using various social media channels. 

The STACKLEVEL GROUP was tasked to develop a brand-new module for existing monetization software. The main goal was to introduce a feature to make cooperation with influencers easy and fruitful. 
PHP 7.3, Symfony 4.3, Laravel 5.8, React Native, Swift, Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, Jenkins
April 2019 - till now
3 backend developers, 1 frontend developer, 1 QA, 1 project manager, 1 mobile developer
A developed system consists of three main elements: web application, SDK, and mobile app for influencers. The idea of a newly created solution is quite simple. 

First, the company implements SDK into its app. Then, it creates an ad campaign in the web app to promote any of its in-app purchases. Afterwards, this company invites the influencers to promote these in-apps. 

When a blogger is ready to cooperate, he/she downloads a mobile app for influencers where all communication continues. They discuss the details of the promotions: the pictures, videos, and texts. Then, the bloggers publish the content on their social media accounts. Later on, any user can make a screenshot of the influencer’s post, and the in-app will become unlocked if the user has an app of the promoted in-app. The influencer gets the revenue automatically. 
The STACKLEVEL GROUP team developed a new module for Flyshot’s monetization software, allowing to collaborate with the blogger in promoting the in-apps in various mobile applications. Now, the companies owning mobile apps have an additional opportunity and instrument to promote their in-app purchases. 
What are we proud of?
Within four months, the STACKLEVEL GROUP team managed to create a system that is ready for the first real users.
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