Full-cycle management and recruitment system

VIASPORTS provides a platform for enhancing hiring and management processes in the hockey industry.
Business challenge
Customer wanted to create platform for helping both sides of sport industry representatives, such as players and sport clubs, to implement full cycle management and recruitment processes using their official agents. Developed platform helps to automate and speed up the hiring process due to possibility of controlling it and making a final decision without leaving the platform. 
United Kingdom
1 project manager, 6 software engineers
12 months
Full cycle recruitment, or full life-cycle recruiting, is the process a recruiter uses when placing a candidate. The process begins when the job order is taken and ends after the new hire begins his new position. More companies are requiring full cycle recruiting as it lowers turnover and reduces the cost of hires. And the system idea was to help to automate the recruitment process.

Our team has successfully built and implemented the platform, which is suitable for many kinds of sport industry, because in many of them the hiring process almost the same. For instance, there are representatives of both sides of sport business: players with their agents and clubs with scouts. Each of them can find required employees or employers depending on many parameters, such as country/region, position, age, experience, body params, statistical indicators, contract terms and so on.  

The built platform is like LinkedIn for specific field of activity - sport industry. Due to feature of creating connections between service members, this business idea represents real-world professional relationships. Connection means that users can communicate with each other in special chat and discuss all the deal questions.
Platform features:

  • creating profile depending on professional role (player, agent, club);
  • blogging from your profile;
  • finding required club, player or agent using specific filters;
  • one of the biggest database of players and clubs;
  • creating a connection between users;
  • creating vacancies and applications;
  • chatting with users;
  • building your own team and managing it;
  • creating team events and exporting them to calendars;
  • files exchange;
  • showing the latest topic news from proven sources and creating your own ones;
  • managing everything on the platform through Admin panel.
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The team has built highly thoughtful service for implementing and automating full-cycle management and recruitment processes, what makes them many times easier for its member than that was before. 

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