Web And Mobile App Development for a Rental Equipment Startup
Business Domains:
Key technologies:
React.js, Redux.js
Business Challenge
GT.BY is a startup created for the rental of special equipment, freight and small vehicles for geolocation.

In Belarus, there are more than 340,000 monthly rental requests for equipment.

It was necessary to create web and mobile applications for the Android and iOS platform, which will meet all the requirements of the market:
  1. — The presence of three roles in the application: customer, performer, dispatcher.
  2. — The ability to work for both individuals and legal entities (including individual entrepreneurs).
  3. — Simple checkout by geolocation and type of work.
  4. — Ability to change roles in the application (the customer can add his technique to the application)
  5. — Convenient payment methods.
  6. — Automated workflow.
  7. — Tracking the location of drivers on the map when completing an order.
Construction equipment rental
Ruby on Rails, React, React Native
7 months
2 backend developer, 1 front-end developer, 1 mobile developer
The finished application is available:
  1. — in the web version (React.js), available for computers and tablets.
  2. — on Android and iOS platforms for mobile phones (React Native).

To be able to choose, payment methods for the application are integrated with Webpay and ERIP payment services. This ensures the security of payments and guarantees timely payments to the contractor.

The simplicity of registration is provided by the ability to sign up for the application through the Facebook platform or using an existing Google account.

Electronic document management is fully automated. The service is integrated with the 1C database and automatically generates invoices, contracts, and sends the necessary information to email, which saves time and resources.

Tracking accuracy is ensured by integration with the most popular geolocation systems: Google Maps API, Google Directions API, Google Distance Matrix API.

The final solution is fully operational and ensures the effective interaction of all parties.

For performers: Performers are registered in the system with cars tracked through the GPS module in the driver’s smartphone. A simple registration system, fully automated document management and a transparent payment system make the application convenient for performers.

For customers: The customer (physical or legal person) discovers on the map the nearest special equipment, indicates the date, time of work, deadline and makes an order. When creating an order, the customer can check both the necessary registration documents and reviews. The ability to leave feedback after completing the order ensures the high level of responsibility of the parties to the transaction.
What are we proud of?
At the launch, more than 50 companies were already connected to the application.

The system includes 37 types of special equipment for various purposes: from snowplows to truck cranes.

In total, it is more than 200 pieces of equipment.

Our application takes large equipment renting to a new level.

Easy to use, the application provides a fair transaction, automates workflow (thereby saving resources) and helps to expedite the execution of orders.
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