E-commerce Platform For the Health Improvement Company
Business Domains:
Key technologies:
React.js, Redis, Node.js, Google Analytics, Ruby on Rails, Sidekiq, Heroku, JavaScript, Google Places API, Sass, Mailchimp, Redux.js, Newrelic, Memcache, jQuery, CircleCI, HTML 5, Jest, AWS, Haml
Business Challenge
HVMN is an American startup that creates and implements goods to improve key indicators of human abilities (energy level, physical and mental activity).

The product portfolio includes a unique drink Ketone Ester, which increases the overall tone of the body, improves metabolism, and stimulates mental activity.

The company partners with the TdeltaS, an Oxford University spinout, based on research from the University of Oxford, the National Institutes of Health, and DARPA.

The challenge for the STACKLEVEL team was to develop an automated platform for selling products. Intuitive design, easy navigation and wide functionality were the main qualities that the platform should have contained.

To ensure continuity of interaction with the user, it was also necessary to implement the option of subscribing to the delivery of goods.

E-commerce, Healthcare
React.js, Redis, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Sidekiq, JavaScript, Sass, Redux.js, Newrelic, Memcache, jQuery, HTML 5, Jest ,Haml, Google Analytics, Heroku, Mailchimp, Google Places API, CircleCI, AWS
September 2017 - December 2018
1 project manager, 3 developers
To develop a modern and practical solution, the STACKLEVEL team:

1. Created an interactive design for the HVMN website and blog. It was one of the main goals because providing a positive experience of interaction with the portal would increase the company's profitability.

2. Provided the necessary functionality for the effective operation of the sales funnel:

  • — Pre-order option;
  • — Ability to choose a delivery method for products;
  • — Developing a system of discounts and promo codes;
  • — Automatic location filingfilling system via Google Places API;
  • — Collecting statistics for personalized offers, site traffic analysis, and other marketing indicators;
  • — Development of a monthly subscription system for product delivery;
  • — Ability to pay via PayPal;
  • — The ability to edit a blog via the admin panel, including the ability to preview articles before publishing them directly.

To create the platform, the STACKLEVEL team thoroughly analyzed the client's needs and business features.

The entire process of the sales funnel was carried out through the site, and it had to become not only original but also high-performance.

Stability of the system functioning, the security of working with payments and user data, modern design - the result of the STACKLEVEL team's work has ensured the efficiency of work at all stages of interaction and management.

What are we proud of?
The HVMN platform processes orders smoothly from the moment of its creation.

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