Mobile App For the Recruiting Service
Business Domains:
Key technologies:
React.js, Google Directions API
Business Challenge
PapaJobs is a recruiting service where employees in the retail, transportation and services spheres can quickly find suitable jobs in their city.

Today, the number of people employed in these spheres reached 50 million.

Initially, the main principle of the company was "to find a job in 24 hours".

Then this business model changed.

The new approach was that the PapaJobs team would provide services for the search and assessment of candidates for open vacancies, conduct interviews on behalf of companies, and the other hand, help people find work near their home, in their city.

PapaJobs services are targeted at both the business sector and individuals.

PapaJobs is a job database that makes it easy for companies to find the right employees. A business does not need to spend all its money, effort and time looking for candidates. The PapaJobs team will do it for them.

Initially, the service included only a mobile application. Therefore, the STACKLEVEL task was to create a client-side web application.

Business (Recruiting service)
React.js, MobX, Vue.js, Google Firebase, Google Maps API, Python, Django, Go
1 year
3 developers, 1 QA
The STACKLEVEL team has developed a web client application that consists of three elements:

Applicant's office. In this section of the web application, the applicant can view open vacancies, respond to them, and pass the selection.

Company office. This module was created for companies that are looking for employees. Company employees can post vacancies, set up a chatbot for initial interviews with candidates, and schedule interviews for top candidates.

Recruiter's office. Recruiters are PapaJobs employees who select candidates for open vacancies. Their job is to offer the best of the best to various companies, according to their requirements.

A distinctive feature of PapaJobs is the ability to use neural networks for the initial interview.

To implement this, company employees create the basic set of questions to screen out irrelevant candidates and the chatbot talks to them for them.

Neural networks have been used not only to make HR work more straightforward, but also to improve efficiency for job seekers. The more the neural network of the system learns about the candidate (for example, remembers the history of searches and job views), the more it shows him suitable vacancies.

To ensure that the applicant does not miss the interview, a process of "reminders" of push notifications was developed to clarify the time and place of the interview.

The STACKLEVEL team has developed a web client application for the PapaJobs job search portal. This solution helped speed up the process of finding and hiring personnel in the retail, transportation and services industries.

For applicants: a user account was created for convenient interaction with the vacancy database. Interview reminders, selection of relevant vacancies, high speed of processing applications - this allowed candidates to find a suitable job near their home in the shortest possible time.                        

For companies: the ability to create chatbots for the first stage of the interview not only saved time but also increased the percentage of applicants who fit the job.

The Stacklevel team has developed an effective job search platform and minimized all risks of not getting a job for both candidates and company representatives.

What are we proud of?
To create a system that minimizes risks and provides full support for all parties is a responsible task. And creating a system that will take over part of the functionality of companies and will be trained to increase efficiency is the real pride of the experienced development team at STACKLEVEL.

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