Powerful Electronic Paper Workflow For Moscow City Duma
Business Domains:
Key technologies:
Symfony, PHP 7
Business Challenge
The Moscow City Duma is the representative legislative body of the city of federal significance in Moscow.

The operational activities of the state structure include work with a huge amount of documents.
For the Duma to work efficiently, it was necessary to modernize the paper workflow. 

The involvement of personnel and papers made the work less productive.

To improve the process, reduce the time for obtaining documents and increase the productivity of employees, it was necessary to transfer the document flow to electronic format.

Introducing an innovative solution to a structure of this scale has become a challenge for the STACKLEVEL GROUP team.
PHP, Symfony, Java, Objective C, Docker, Jenkins, Zabbix
7 years (from 2012 to the present)
Now 3 developers, 1 QA, 2 mobile developers, 1 project manager
The STACKLEVEL GROUP solution completely transferred the workflow of the Moscow City Duma into electronic format.

The new solution includes such interconnected elements as:
  1. — Website
  2. — Internet reception
  3. — Mobile application for remote work with the system
  4. — Report Generation Subsystem
  5. — Internal chat
  6. — Calendar and event planning module
  7. — Module for sending documents to internal e-mail users
  8. — Personnel Training Module
  9. — Pass ordering module

STACKLEVEL GROUP developed over 50 system modules for the stable operation of all departments.

The operational process with incoming, outgoing and internal correspondence was improved.

Cards for documents, automated execution routes, templates, reports, calendars, internal chat - everything needed for the effective work of the Moscow Duma was added.

A mobile application for the remote work of deputies with the system was created. 

The new system now helps in working with correspondence, internal documents, document cards, calendars, templates for legal documents and reports.

The STACKLEVEL GROUP solution makes all processes more efficient and faster. 

The system developed by STACKLEVEL GROUP became a single document management system and all internal processes of the Moscow City Duma.

Moreover, the effectiveness of the additional structures was increased.
What are we proud of?
Moving the entire workflow into electronic format is not easy for any organization. And how challenging it can be to do this for the government? 

The STACKLEVEL GROUP team made every effort and created a system that increased the efficiency of the Moscow City Duma.
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