An Effective Recruitment and Management Media for Sport Industry
Business Domains:
Key technologies:
React.js, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript
Business Challenge
Recruiting professionals is not easy. 

There are many famous recruitment sites such as Linkedin. But what if you need to hire and manage people in a very specific field, such as hockey, or football?

The Stacklevel group team took on a difficult and interesting challenge — to create a platform for recruiting and management in the sports industry, similar to Linkedin. The solution should have its own specifics for players, their agents, and sports clubs.
Javascript, ReactJS, Ruby on Rails, Saas, HTML5, Webpack, PostgreSQL
12 months
1 project manager, 6 developers
Modern languages ​​such as Ruby on Rails and ReactJS were chosen to create such a platform.

The platform includes the possibility to create several user roles:
  1. — Players
  2. — Agents
  3. — Sports clubs
  4. — Scouts.

Wide functionality is available for all types of users:
  1. — maintaining your personal blog;
  2. — search for other portal users by the specified filter criteria (one of the largest database of players and clubs is used);
  3. — add users to your contact list
  4. — creation of vacancies and responses to vacancies depending on the user's role;
  5. — the ability to create a chat between users;
  6. — creating your own team of players and managing it;
  7. — creating events, events for your team and exporting to third—party calendars;
  8. — displaying the latest sports news from proven resources, as well as creating your own news by the site administrator;
  9. — management of all site content and users through the Administrator panel.

The Stacklevel group team has created a unique effective platform for managing the recruiting process in the sports business.

For players: the process of recruiting and interacting with team management has become easier and more efficient. Now all the statistics are collected in one profile.

For agents: collecting statistics of the player and team performance now takes a few clicks, instead of several hours of searches on various resources.

For sports clubs: the creation and management of the team make the work of sports clubs easier and more transparent.

For scouts: a single base of players makes the process of searching for new sports talents more efficient.
What are we proud of?
The STACKLEVEL GROUP team has created a unique platform for recruiting and managing sports talents.

The main achievement was to increase the efficiency of all participants in the process and the entire sphere.
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