Safe and Effective Customer Relationship Management Systems for Four Banks
Business Domains:
Key technologies:
React.js, CSS 3, HTML 5
Business Challenge
An important component of the operational activities of each bank is a CRM (customer relationship management) system, with wide functionality, convenient to use, meeting all security requirements.

Four large banks needed to create a system that will allow:
  1. — Automate customer interactions,
    — Implement unique processes that eliminate the possibility of error,
    — Ensure data security,
    — Improve department productivity.

The previously implemented solution could not fully provide the necessary level of operations and is outdated from a technological point of view.

The new solution was meant not only to make the existing solution effective but also to leave room for scaling and making changes in the future.
React.js, Webpack, CSS 3, Redux-Saga, JavaScript, Redux.js, HTML 5
2+ years
1 team leader, 4 frontend developers
To implement the project, STACKLEVEL GROUP specialists:
  1. — Developed a new unique system,

  2. — Took part in all stages of the description and implementation of business processes to optimize and automate the interactions of customers and bank managers.

Each portal was unique in its functionality and met all client’s business needs. During development, the following modules were created:
  1. — Differentiation of access levels of different departments. A graphic tree-like structure of departments with reassignment of subsidiary to parent departments, assignment / revision of the plan to the entire department, and various graphics and analytics of their activities over periods has been implemented.

    — Employee performance tracking system. In addition to making calls and sending letters directly from the system, employees were given the opportunity to determine for themselves the necessary work tools and independently create a desktop.

  2. — The system of managing accounts, payments, transfers, buying and selling currencies, placing deposits. In addition to automating the entire workflow (viewing, editing and deleting, recalling, repeating, saving to a template, importing from a template, importing from 1C: Bookkeeping, printing a document, saving to PDF), the functionality for signing documents online was implemented.

    —Tracking payment history, notifying customers via e-mail or SMS in case of problems with the account, saving changes to profile settings using SMS code to avoid unwanted and unauthorized actions, changing profile settings by confirming with SMS code, approving operations by account using SMS code to ensure the security of the client’s money.
Business portals have been developed according to all customer requests.

For the customer: a system was developed for interaction within the banking organization and with customers, which ensured an effective process of interaction on all stages: from the first call to the signing of the contract.

For customers and bank employees: STACKLEVEL GROUP solution was developed with an intuitive interface based on modern design principles.
What are we proud of?
All solutions created by STACKLEVEL GROUP complement the existing system and enable banks to work more efficiently. Each business module is divided into several components with specific functionality, which makes it easy to scale the service in the future, adding new ones.
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