Web Solution For Charitable Organization
Business Domains:
Key technologies:
MySQL, Redis, Docker, Symfony
Business Challenge
KONKURS.TIMCHENKOFOUNDATION.ORG — is a portal created for non-profit organizations to fill out applications/reports and then, on a competitive basis, select winners among them and assign them grants. 

The portal also allows collecting and analyzing data provided by organizations.

The customer used to use a paper document management system, which took up a lot of resources. 

The whole document management system needed to be digitized.

Charitable Foundation
Symfony 3.1.10, Doctrine ORM, mysql, Redis, Docker, Sonata Admin Bundle, PHPOffice, Twig
3.5 years
2 developers
The ready-made portal is available in a web version.

After the portal was created, the transition from paper to electronic document management was made. 

The service allows you to:

  1. — Set the start and end time of the competition, 

  2. — Generate applications/reports entered by organizations in certain formats, 

  3. — Analyze the entered data using certain algorithms and give the result to the Fund's management, 

  4. — Appoint competition winners and make assessments to experts.

The solution ensures the effective interaction of all parties.

For non-profit organizations: after the organization is registered in the system, it fills out applications/reports according to the current competition. A simple registration system and intuitive flow make the service convenient for organizations.

For the Fund's management: the Fund's Management gets electronic access to the applications/reports completed by organizations and documents attached to them in electronic form, can save it in a convenient format, receives the necessary data analyzed according to the specified algorithms, gets the opportunity to appoint competition winners and make assessments to experts.

What are we proud of?
The solution makes it easy to fill out applications/reports to non-profit organizations from anywhere, automates document flow, speeds up filling, and offers immediate access to the analyzed data.

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