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What is PHP development?

PHP, being one of the most popular open-source languages of programming, is an essential part of almost every web-based solution. From easy-to-use websites to high-loaded applications. STACKLEVEL GROUP PHP developers have strong expertise in creating secure, stable and easy-to-scale web applications of all kinds to make businesses grow.

Where to use it?

PHP language is perfect for all kinds of web development. We provide all kind of php web development services:
  • Custom web applications development
  • All kinds of websites development
  • Social networking solutions development
  • E-commerce development
  • Custom PHP development

Why PHP development?

Saves your time

PHP development allows reusing parts of the code and it was created to develop web applications quickly. There is a wide variety of PHP frameworks like Symfony or Laravel. Each framework has its own specific functionality and provides time-saving development for every business need.

Reduce your costs

PHP is an open-source language — it means that using PHP is more cost-effective compared to all other technologies used for web application development. No additional spendings on downloading additional plugins, licensing or expensive web hosting. Affordable and fast-to-implement — what can be better for your business?

Allows to implement many features

If your business needs frequent updates, it is important to have a development model, which can be updated easily as soon as you need it. PHP development makes interactions built without additional development. Because of easily decipherable syntax, using PHP development allows you to change everything freely and in a short period of time.

Secure and stable

PHP is used by almost 85% of all web applications. It is used for both highly-loaded web solutions and simple websites. PHP language was created to cover both problems of stability (we all know how unstable websites can affect e-commerce companies) and safety. Choose a talented developer from STACKLEVEL GROUP team — and never worry how to protect your web application.

What STACKLEVEL GROUP team can do for your business?

STACKLEVEL GROUP is an experienced software development company. We offer a full cycle of php web development services and help our clients to scale their business and be one step ahead of the competitors. Talented php developers are always doing their best to help our clients achieve all their business goals.
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