Being a custom development agency means that we provide full-cycle services for web and mobile development, establishing our development methods based on your budget and project requirements. If what you are looking for is to create either a web or mobile application, CRM or ERP system with a unique order processing mode, an e-commerce platform or a unique startup, bug testing, project management, or a design for your website, we can definitely help you get there!
Consulting & Project Estimation FOR FREE
We would be glad to discuss your project and plans in detail, and provide you an estimate within 48 hours.
Code Review & Security Audit
We are ready to review your application code and provide a strategy for improving security, speed, and scalability.
Application Support & Bug Repair
  • We take care of monitoring servers & application health
  • Handling support of your existing application, we will repair the bugs and optimize your application performance
  • Conclusive reports about found issues and work performed
  • We are open to any questions you may have via phone, email, or Skype
Web & Mobile Application Development
  • We create web and mobile applications using the most up-to-date techniques, methods, and skill
  • We understand the need for transparency, and so the development process will remain visible to our customer throughout the duration of their project
  • Every line of code we write undergoes a code review process
  • Our code is covered by thorough unit tests
  • We use automatic tools and methods to verify code quality
Web development
Back-end development

Ruby and Ruby on Rails (RoR) are in the heart of most projects and the essential tool of choice.

Node.js is our choice for building real-time applications. Using the power of JavaScript, we have the ability to build isomorphic ( Meteor.js ) and desktop ( Electron ) applications.

Front-end development

React with Redux is our top choice for building the best client-side experience on a single-page application. Node.js and ES6 , the latest version of JavaScript, are the foundation for front-end development. Front-end is built utilizing Sass, PostCSS, and Webpack.

Cooperation models
We strongly believe that a successful outsourcing experience is a result of thorough planning and sound strategy development in regard to project implementation and management techniques.